Comments on Reality


Based on the fact that the censorship is growing more and more powerful within the invisible border, some political and subjective viewpoints would be given in English and listed on this page. Viewpoints would be given on some events or words of others.

Domestic News & Events

2019 Hong Kong Protest – Extradition to China Protest

Fact sources


Lack of information and disinformation in Mainland China

The event, Hong Kong protest, has been used for stimulating hatred and furious between people in Mainland China and Hong Kong people, generally by spreading disinformation and blocking information contradicting the state media. Following facts would be indicated for this point:

  • Internet inside the Wall has given no description associated with the Five Demands「五大诉求」, which has been most Hong Kong peoples requests to the government. Instead, the propaganda dept. attempted to inform people within the wall that Hong Kong protests were all meant to split Hong Kong from China as an independent country. That is basically why people in Mainland China condemns demonstrators as rioters.
  • Under the powerful censorship system, reports related to the police violence have been not allowed to be exposed in the public. The violence made by demonstrators has been, even the only thing to be permitted to be posted during some days in July & August.
  • The gangsters in Yuan Lang are widely supported by the people in Mainland China since all the protesters have been considered as ‘rioters and separatists’.

Unlike what people in Mainland think about, this protest is far more complicated for following reasons:

  • The large population involved in this event(1.7 M at peak in Victoria Peaceful Rally).
  • Multi-branches calling for similar political requests, rather than just group advocating achieving in violent ways.
  • Multi-forces involved in this event, including the CPC, HK Govt., U.S government(officials from U.S are discovered as communicating with protestors.) and more.
  • Domestic financial forces takes part in it.

Just thoughts

Sometimes, people living inside the wall considers some brainwashed hearing something contradicts to domestic news or their own thoughts based on the party media. Information difference plays a role in it. Of course, people would have their own judgement, yet on whole picture rather than part of it. Sometimes they treat the information described by the western media as “false and hostile” information, in the situation where they could not get known of the “false and hostile” information.