My understanding of responsibility(Speech Contest 2018)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to give speech associated with my understanding of responsibility.

Nowadays, the time is changing rapidly in a much more various way. The Millenniums are growing and ready for being the roles of importance in the next decades. Finding that the teenagers are living more conveniently, some people argue that we are less responsible to contribute to the society.

Let’s analyze the reason of why people in elder age have the impression that teenagers are less enthusiastic.

The first reason is that elder people think we are living in a loose circumstance so that people in our age is not going to worry about the social issues. Well, this opinion is not capable to demonstrate that people in our age are less responsible. Many senior high school students are fond of holding competitions like the Model UN to discuss about the real international conflicts. What’s more, many students are contributing to the local by writing reports to analyze the pros and cons of the local government’s policies. In this way, many elder people are complaining about the lack of teenagers’ responsibilities because of the lack of knowing about the whole picture people in our age paint.

Another reason is that they suppose we are more careful about ourselves rather than the whole community. This is very radical and caused by their orthodox opinions in contributing to the local. Firstly, people should be very careful to themselves, which is also very helpful to the neighborhood for community cannot be running well in the conditions where people don’t live well. Once we are living in an appropriate situation, the issues can be discussed by people who own the further view and deeper understanding of questions. On another perspective, people who really care about themselves will soon realize that to be careful about the community also does benefits to themselves for the more comfortable social ambience.

I always believe people in any ages are great, and it also makes sense to us. My understanding of responsibility that the modern teenagers should be capable with is to do our things right. When we are studying as students, we should learn well. When we are living as a kid, we should contribute to our family well. When we are discussing with the peers, we should be totally aware of our responsibility.

The pleasant thing is, that we are doing quite well in this path. Our hard-working senior high school students are learning in a tense situation, and they are exercising well and ready for going to the army. Our teenagers are totally capable for the coming challenges from the society.

This is our understanding of responsibility. Thank you for listening!



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