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My First Time to Get TOEFL Test

Posted by kal0rona on

Day 0

I have been learning English for years. When I was in the junior high school, I decided to challenge myself to learn the ‘TOEFL English’ instead of the higher stage of the ‘NMET English’. I have learnt a lot since the day I decided to learn it, and I have been also very lucky to read many article in many fields for the TOEFL test always offer English essaies in Geology, Biology, etc.

So, I plan to record my first TOEFL test in my blog. The chance of being failed in the test is very high because I did not do any preperation for this.

I hope I will receive an exciting score sheet.

Day 1

I think I have failed in the listening part for there were several materials were out of my interests. The writing part was fine and I went through the additional part in the reading part.

Overall, it is not worse than I expected. I am looking forward to the score.(though I may fucked up this stuff.

Day ??

Ok it fucked up, only 83/120.